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Maarten van Veen, pianist and conductor, comes from a musical family. He started playing the piano at an early age. He studied piano with Alwin Bär, Kyoko Hashimoto, David Golub, Oleg Maisenberg and finished his studies at the Sweelinck Conservatorium Amsterdam, with Ton Hartsuiker. Early in his career he showed an interest of performing contemporary music as well as playing on periodic instruments. As a solist he was playing with many orchestras throughout Europe and the USA

As a pianist he is also heard in the series "Meesterpianisten" in de Doelen together with Ralph van Raat and played throughout Europe and toured the USA and Canada. Find here more about him as pianist.



His debut as conductor was with the opera of Rob Zuidam and later Robin de Raaff, and Van Veen conducts regular in contemporary classical music.He was and taking conducting classes at the conservatorium Utrecht with Kenneth Montgomery and with Arie Van Beek. He studied with Philip Herreweghe and Frans Brüggen on authentic music performance with a scholarship from FPK.  Find here more about him as conductor.


"Down a path of wonder, whether it comes to playing piano compositions, conducting music, inventing new concert concepts, or telling the story in music, the wonder is the miracle. With all energies there are, I look constant for new opportunities in making music. I believe the old fashioned way of walking down a stage, sitting and starting, is mere a 19th century based performing gesture..., I like the audience to take home an experience that they never forget!"